Andy - Blue Belt Adult

I joined Bexley Jujitsu in April 2013; being 37 at the time and not particularly fit, I was cautious as to whether I would fit in or be able to handle starting a martial art. I needn’t have worried, as I found that everyone in the club was very friendly, always helpful and would often encourage other club members during the warm up or through learning new techniques.

It is a very physically demanding class, starting off with a 20-30 minute warm up, usually followed by syllabus work, then ending with either Randori (constant throws) or Kumite (sparing – either standing or including take downs and ground work). Since joining the club my fitness has come on leaps and bounds, although the warm up still pushes me to my limits.

The clubs Sensei Andrew is a hard but fair teacher and always pushes students to achieve physical and mental excellence throughout the class. He will always break down techniques to help those struggling with certain techniques and to ensure the techniques are carried out correctly. He will also provide demonstrations to ensure you know how the techniques should feel when they are applied correctly.

Since joining the club, I have successfully passed five gradings and I am proud to say I have achieved a Blue Belt level. I have met some great people at the club and always look forward to the Wednesday night class, whether it be to keep my fitness going or to learn a new technique, plus the warm down in the pub next door after the class for a well deserved drink!