Oliver - Brown/White Belt Jr

My son started Jujitsu in 2012 (?), when he was in Year 3 at school. At this time he was finding school quite difficult and this was having a negative impact on his self-confidence.

After a short time at Bexley Jujitsu, it became obvious that he responded well to this form of self-defence and the teaching style. Teaching at Bexley Jujitsu instils discipline and yet maintains an informality that makes students relaxed, confident and self-motivated.

Over the first 12 months at Bexley Jujitsu my son's self-confidence improved significantly. He had found something at which he could excel. In fact, it provided him with a belief that hard-work and determination results in progress.

We found that this boost had a beneficial effect on all areas of his life, including school! Bexley Jujitsu has had a phenomenally positive impact on my son and by default our entire family! Thanks, Andrew and all the fantastic instructors.