Grace - Purple Belt Jr

Hi Andrew,

I wanted to let you and your collegues at your club know how happy I am with Grace's progress. She started nearly 3 years ago now and was quite a timid, gentle and unconfident child. Being an only child my wife and I wanted her to mix with other children, toughen her up and gain confidence. I can honestly say this has been achieved and some.

As a family we were looking at some old photos at the wkend when Grace 1st got her yellow belt. In the photo she wasnt really smiling although I know she was pleased, she was standing at the back and not looking at the camera. We then came to a more recent photo when Grace achieved her purple belt. It was quite the opposite. She was at the front looking very happy, part of the ju jitsu gang and we could visibly see how far she had come.

Before I could mention this difference Grace said "look how different I look". Grace had not just grown in size, she had grown with confidence and was visibly a happier child. I asked her "do you like going to ju jitsu ?". Her reply was this "I love it, its like a bit of a family really. I know everyone there, got nice friends away from school friends and I have got really good with the moves".

She is right, Grace has come along way in the last 3 years. This is thanks to Bexley Ju Jitsu Club but more impotantly down to Andrew aka Sensai. His teaching methods are superb, the interaction he has with the children and the fun he incorperates into the lessons. All the kids respect Andrews no nonsence ways or gas bagging as he puts it. They dont just learn how to protect themselves safely with ju jitsu at the club, they learn respect for themselves and others, manners, confidence and general self discipline.

I am so happy that on one sunny Wednesday evening on the way home from work I popped my head in to see what all the fuss was about and met Andrew, I can honestly say it has helped Grace emensly.