Luke - Brown/White Belt Adult

After talking about finding a martial art for years, my wife came home with a Bexley Jujitsu leaflet from the local gym, that was August 2011. A few weeks later I went to the opening night and really liked what I saw, and here I am some years down the line, a brown and white belt. Sensei Andrew is a brilliant instructor who's no nonsense teaching style is thorough and he pushes each individual to strive for their best. He is supportive of everyone's learning ability and will happily spend as much time as you need, on the different techniques in the syllabus. The sessions always start with a vigorous warm up which over the years has improved my fitness incredibly and I continue to push myself to get fitter. Then we begin on syllabus work and finish with either randori(continuous throwing) or sparring. I have made some great friends through jujitsu and can honestly say, we welcome every newcomer to the club, with open arms. We support each other with words of encouragement and advice on techniques. I really look forward to jujitsu every week, so much so that my 14 year old son now attends the adult class and in a 6 month period has achieved his adult red belt. I am proud to be associated with the club and now help Sensei Andrew with the children's class passing on what I have learned over the last few years. Thanks Luke