Claire - Yellow Belt Adult

I decided to take up jujitsu in September 2014. As a woman I was really nervous that I wouldn’t fit in, however my two friends and I went along for a class with Bexley Jujitsu. I was correct in my assumptions that there were a majority of male students and everyone in the class, including the other women, all had a high level of fitness. However, I was wrong to assume that we would not fit in.

Everyone was beyond accommodating and approached us to introduce themselves. They encouraged us throughout the intense work out at the beginning and had patience when helping us learn the syllabus work. During our first grading for our yellow belt many students came along to support us, even though they were not being graded.

Sensei Andrew is an amazing instructor who makes you feel like part of the team from the moment you step through the door. He makes you believe that you can work harder and helps you to push through your boundaries. He is approachable and makes time for everyone inside and, if you need additional help, outside of class in his own spare time.

Since joining the Bexley Jujitsu class my confidence and fitness level has increased much more than I ever could have imagined. I have made a number of friends and I have new goals and aspirations that I am determined to achieve.

With so many people, who are not only my friends, but who inspire me, I always enjoy every class and cannot wait to attend the next one.