Kelly - Brow/White Belt Adult

I started Ju Jitsu in 2011 with the intention of going for one session with my other half to keep him company and stop him being the new guy. Almost four years later and I’m hooked! After just one session I was so impressed with what I learned and what I could be taught to do that I was excited to go back for the next session. I have become fitter, lost weight and got stronger from learning Ju Jitsu. As one of the females in the club I am always treated the same as the rest of the club and I have learnt so much to increase my confidence and self-defence skills. Andrew is a brilliant teacher who is so full of knowledge and passion for the Sport. Each session is different and you will continually learn and develop so it’s impossible to get bored! Since the club has started we have grown in number but we haven’t lost the warm welcoming atmosphere or our work hard play hard determination.