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Information for Beginners

Beginners can train in any strong, light clothing, e.g. T-shirt and shorts or track suit bottoms.


Clothing should preferably have no zips, buttons or other hard fasteners. All jewellery should be removed prior to training. Students train barefoot in a traditional Japanese jacket and trousers which can be purchased through the club, but which will not be needed for the first few classes.

Your First Class

When you first arrive at Bexley & Sidcup Ju Jitsu, you will be shown basic techniques aimed specifically at beginners of all physical abilities. You will be taught how to break your fall when thrown, and  some of the more basic techniques from the yellow belt syllabus.

I appreciate some people will get nervous about starting a martial art, but I can assure you we are a friendly, welcoming club. You will be shown and taught everything you need to know to train safely and over time we will help you develop your skills and progress.


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