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Do I need any prior experience?

No, we all had to start somewhere. The way the syllabus is broken down is that we start you off on some basic techniques aimed at all physical abilities. As you progress and your experience grows the techniques get progressively more technical.

Will I be pressured into grading for the next belt?

No, all students progress at their own pace. Gradings take place every three months and you and your instructor will discuss whether you are ready for the next grading or not. If you do not feel ready you do not have to grade.

Do I need to be physically fit?
Not necessarily, Ju Jitsu is a good way to build your fitness and strength. The classes are physically demanding so you should ensure you are not carrying any injuries when training.
What should I wear?

 During your first few classes lightweight training cloths are fine, shorts, t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms. We train bare foot, so no footwear is required.

Do I have to buy any equipment?

No, there is no pressure for anybody to buy any equipment. Everything you need to train is provided. If you decide you wish to continue with Ju Jitsu getting a gi or suit is advisable. These can be purchased through the club.

What age can my child start?

We take students from the age of 5, this is all our insurance allows. 

Are all instructors DBS checked?

Yes, it is a legal requirement that anybody coming into contract with children or vunrabal adults must have an enhanced DBS check done every 3 years.

Our instructors also have full public liability insurance and are all qualified first aiders.

I’m not interested in progressing up through the belts, I just want to get fit. Can I still come along?

Yes, all are welcome. Everybody wants different things from training and you can get that at Bexley & Sidcup Ju Jitsu. If you want to progress through the belts you can, if you want to take your time you can and if you are not interested in grading at all you just want to learn some basic self-defence and get fit you can.

Can women join?

Yes of course. We have several women at the club, including one black belt. We are a very welcoming and friendly club and always welcome new members with open arms.

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