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The Junior Grading System


Here at Bexley & Sidcup Ju Jitsu we feel all students should progress at their own pace and to help juniors feel they are progressing we operate a tabbing system for the junior grades.


1 tab – means they did not demonstrate competency in hardly any of the techniques


2 tabs – means they broadly know most of the techniques, but were lacking in some areas


3 tabs – means they demonstrated all techniques but not quiet to the required standard to get the belt


The belt – if they get the belt this means they have demonstrated clear competence in all techniques and all areas. They have applied themselves and worked very hard.


Different children progress at different speeds, so do not be disappointed if your child isn’t ready to grade every three months or if they do not achieve the full belt every grading.


In fact the higher up the belts they go the more likely it is they will spend at least 6 months on each belt, as there are more techniques and the techniques are more technical.


With the above system in place it means that everybody will get something every time they grade. However, if they do not get the full belt, they will have to remain on the same syllabus and re-grade three months later. Any re-grading will also be charged at the full grading fee (£20).


It is therefore more important than ever that each student who decides to grade is ready, they know all the techniques and feel confident with them.


We feel this system is very effective at showing how students are progressing.

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