Re-opening Ju Jitsu post COVID 19 Closure


Key Points:

  • Ju Jitsu will be re-opening it's doors to children from Wednesday 14th April. 

  • Classes will resume at their usual times of 5-6pm, 6-7pm and 7-8pm.

  • All classes will start promptly on the hour and run for 50 minutes to allow 10 minutes for cleaning of mats and equipment between classes.

  • Gi's and belts should be wore, if you do not have a gi or your child has outgrown their gi, shorts and t shirts are fine

  • There will be safety measures (listed below) in place to keep everyone safe.  Please follow these to the letter

Ju Jitsu safety measures post COVID 19

  • Until further notice the car park will off limits to cars and will instead be used as a safe area for you to queue up away from road traffic

  • Enhanced cleaning of the hall and equipment before arrival of the first class will be undertaken every week

  • Risk assessment and a COVID 19 compliance checklist has been completed and will be reviewed each week

  • All instructor and student insurances must be renewed/up to date

  • If any members of your households are showing any symptoms of COVID you should not send your children to Ju Jitsu

Upon arrival at the hall:


  • Children and parents should queue up in the car park away from the road and footpath, whilst maintaining socially distant from each other


  • Children will enter via the side door to the car park one at a time. Parents will not be permitted to enter the building or use the toilets


  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the hall


  • Once in the children should place their shoes, coats and water bottles in the designated area

  • One/same parent drop a off the collection is preferable, but understand this is not always possible

  • Collection after the class at 50 minutes past the hour is from the front of the building, to ensure there is no mixing of classes


Finally, if your circumstances have changed and you no longer require the space in the class, you or a family member are shielding or you do not feel comfortable returning at the moment, please do let me know, I would completely understand. 

If you are returning I am looking forward to seeing you all again and working with the children, if you have any questions or concerns or are unclear about anything please do get in touch.