Easing of Covid Restrictions

From this week (21 July 2021) onwards:

  • There will no longer be a one way system in place

  • You can drop and pick up from either entrance

  • You should come into the building to drop off and collect children, I will no longer be standing at the doors

  • Classes will return to a full hour (5-6, 6-7 & 7-8PM)

  • The car park will be available again either for parking or simply turning around to drop off 

Summer Dates & Subs

  • The last class of this term will be Wednesday 28th July (Don't miss this one fun, games & sweets)

  • All classes will be closed on 4th & 11th August

  • All classes will re-open 18th August

  • Subs due on or before 1st August as usual

Congratulations to all July Graders

A massive congratulations to all those children who graded on Sunday 11th July, wear those new belts with pride. I look forward to working with you on some new techniques in the coming weeks.