COVID 19 Update - 10/09/20

Further to the governments announcement on Wednesday 9th September 2020, I wanted to confirm the situation with my Ju Jitsu classes.

I am pleased to confirm the children's Ju Jitsu classes can continue to run as they have been.

The government have confirmed organised sports which are run in a covid secure manor can continue and can have more than 6 people.

The government have also confirmed any formed bubbles such as the class bubbles we have created since August can continue and can have more than 6.

This is obviously good news, as the children are just starting to settle back in and the new starters confidence is growing.

I will continue to monitor the situation and will not hesitate to take action should anything change.

If you have any questions or concerns do get in contact with me, I am always available for any discussion with parents.

Ju Jitsu Check list for parents

Please download the Ju Jitsu COVID check list here

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch

Children's classes will resume on Wednesday 5th August

Re-opening Ju Jitsu post COVID 19 Closure


Further to yesterday's announcement from the government giving permission for indoor gym's, swimming pools and other sports activities to resume from 25th July, I am pleased to confirm I intend to re-open ju jitsu on Wednesday 5th August, all be it in a slightly different format and with extra safety measures in place to keep you, the children and myself safe.

Needless to say getting the green light to resume is very welcome news and I am excited to be re-opening my doors and welcoming you all back.

Below are the initial safety measures I intend on putting in place. These could change or be adapted going forward. I would ask you to review these safety measures and feedback to me if there's anything you think could help that I may have missed.


If circumstances have changed and you no longer require the space in the class, you or a family member are shielding or you do not feel comfortable returning at the moment, please do let me know, I would completely understand. I need to know ASAP to help me plan the classes and No’s.


Those of you who paid for April when I requested do not have anything to pay for August, those who couldn't pay for April would be required to pay the usual £32 for August by the 1st or in cash at the first class.

Thank you all for your patience and support over the past few months, it’s been a very difficult time for everybody so I am looking forward to seeing you all again.


Ju Jitsu safety measures post COVID 19

  • Until further notice the car park will off limits to cars.


  • Every Wednesday I will undertake enhanced cleaning of the hall and equipment before arrival of the first class.

  • I will be completing a risk assessment and a COVID 19 compliance checklist in due course. Once completed copies will be available for download and sent to the governing body.

First and foremost, if any members of your households are showing any symptoms of COVID you should not send your children to Ju Jitsu

This will only work if we all adhere to the rules, I will not hesitate to ask people to leave if they are not taking the situation seriously. This is for the safety of you and your children, so I am taking a very stern stance on it all.

Upon arrival at the hall:

1, Children and parents should queue up in the car park away from the road and footpath, whilst maintaining socially distant from each other

2, When it's time I will open the side door to the car park and let children in one at a time. Parents will not be able to enter the building or use the toilets

3, I have installed wall mounted hand sanitizer in the hall, children will have a squirt as they enter

4, Once in the children will be lined up and given a designated area to work in. For the foreseeable I will be working on fitness, stance, kicks, punches, blocks, footwork, body positioning, breakfalls etc etc all none contact. We will not be throwing each other until the government relaxes the rules further.

5, At the end of each class parents will again have to queue up in the car park, I will then open the door at the end of the class and let the children out.

6, Before the next class enter the building, I will need 5-10 minutes to thoroughly clean the mats and other surfaces over with antibacterial spray. Once ready I will repeat steps 1-4 for each class.

Doing it this way we are limiting contact with different families and creating small bubbles for each class. Meaning the only children in the building at any one time are all from the same class/bubble.