November Grading Time Slots

November's grading will take place on Sunday 28th at the hall at the following times:

  • White belts going for Yellow belt - 09.30

  • Yellow belts going for Orange belt - 10.30

  • All other belts - 11.30

Please arrive on time and in gi's ready. The car park will be open. Remember water bottles and the children's small blue membership books.

Please remember to transfer the £25 grading fee in advance, I cannot take payments on the day.

All parents are welcome to stay and watch, there will be plenty of seating available for all.

Key Dates & Subs

  • The last class of this term will be Wednesday 22nd December (Don't miss this one fun, games & sweets)

  • All classes will be closed on 29th December

  • All classes will re-open 5th January 2022

  • I will not be increasing subs in January, they will remain at £32 per child per month.