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Testimonials from parents and students

Sally - Parent

7 years ago I was looking for a sport/activity that both my children could attend together. Which is difficult to find with a three and half year age gap. I came across Bexley Ju Jitsu which was perfect for my two very lively active children. Coming from a single parent family I was keen on finding some positive male role models for the children to be around. Andrew and Luke are definitely that, with their fair but firm approach - work hard - play hard and “no gas bagging”


From watching the trial session I could quickly see they were going to learn self discipline, manners, respect, confidence, get fit, build stamina and resilience which really amazed me the benefits they could gain from one activity. I signed them up straight away!


7 years on, I believe the children who are now 14 & 17 have unquestionably developed self confidence in abundance. They are now out and about on their own and I am happy and relaxed in the knowledge that their self defence skills give them a better chance of looking after themselves.


Ruby still attends every Wednesday and after gaining her blackbelt - aged 10, she now helps out teaching the younger children including her cousins in the two classes before hers. She always calls the club her Ju Jitsu family. Joining Bexley Ju Jitsu has proved one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Claire - Parent

We moved our kids - ages 11 and 9 - to Andrew for Ju Jitsu almost 2 years ago because our original club wasn’t working out around other sports commitments and we were keen to continue their training.

Wednesday nights are now the centre of our ‘organise around’ list; the move was the best thing we could have ever done! Andrew and all the Sensei’s are incredible.

They understand the interpersonal needs of our two (incredibly different) kids, they are reactive yet never compromise the key discipline skills so central to this martial art and one of the key reasons we want them there to progress.

Our youngest has coordination issues linked to both dyspraxia and epilepsy, and he’s more determined to get his Ju Jitsu skills right than I’ve ever known him to be about anything.


He’s met a higher belt who has inspired him more than I believed possible: both as an individual who has struggled with and overcome learning difficulties and as blue belt. Bexley Ju Jitsu is not just a place to send your kid to learn a martial art or self defence, it’s a place where i guarantee your child will gain independence, awareness of so many aspects important to their development and also gain a set of role models to inspire their development.

Alan - Parent

It was 6 years ago our eldest who was 7 at the time joined, Bexley Ju Jitsu. He needed something to help him with confidence & self-defence as he had experienced a bit of bullying sadly, as many School age children do. 


Within 6 months of joining we could see such a difference in him & his confidence should he need to defend himself continues to shine. He was just about to take his junior black belt then the 1st lock down came in. But we're sure it won’t be too long & he will get this great achievement at a young age of 13.


Our youngest joined the team 4 years ago aged 5. A bit cheeky and starting 2 years younger, the instruction was tailored to compensate and was insightful and fun, with a firm but fair approach.


As parents you will never stop worrying about your children, but knowing they can protect themselves is reassuring.


Andy & the team do a great Job to encourage them in every way. I would recommend Bexley Ju Jitsu not just for the self defence for the children, but also to give them that extra confidence In themselves, keep fitness up & have some fun on the way

Julie - Parent

Finlay (Brown Belt Jnr) Matilda (White Belt Jnr)


Both my children have attended Bexley Ju-jitsu since they were six years old. Instilling them with a sense of confidence and discipline, practicing at Bexley & Sidcup Ju-jitsu will hopefully ensure they are able to defend themselves should the need arise.

As a passive child who perhaps lacks natural coordination, Finlay has developed great personal confidence and greater agility working his way up through the junior belts under Andrew’s coaching. Now at brown belt level he’s empowered with the knowledge that he has skills that can protect him and this is reassuring to us as he’s recently transitioned to secondary school.


The environment created at the club is inclusive and supportive and Finlay has developed some great friendships with other children who he’s been training with over many years.


Newer to the club Matilda has just joined. As petit girly girl with a love of dancing and unicorns we had been initially concerned that she wouldn’t enjoy the physical nature of ju-jutsu. Thankfully this was quickly unfounded, she’s very passionate about learning the new skills and indeed has been trying them out on her older brother periodically!!

Claire - student

I decided to take up jujitsu in September 2014. As a woman I was really nervous that I wouldn’t fit in, however my two friends and I went along for a class with Bexley Jujitsu. I was correct in my assumptions that there were a majority of male students and everyone in the class, including the other women, all had a high level of fitness. However, I was wrong to assume that we would not fit in.

Everyone was beyond accommodating and approached us to introduce themselves. They encouraged us throughout the intense work out at the beginning and had patience when helping us learn the syllabus work. During our first grading for our yellow belt many students came along to support us, even though they were not being graded.

Sensei Andrew is an amazing instructor who makes you feel like part of the team from the moment you step through the door. He makes you believe that you can work harder and helps you to push through your boundaries. He is approachable and makes time for everyone inside and, if you need additional help, outside of class in his own spare time.

Since joining the Bexley Jujitsu class my confidence and fitness level has increased much more than I ever could have imagined. I have made a number of friends and I have new goals and aspirations that I am determined to achieve.

With so many people, who are not only my friends, but who inspire me, I always enjoy every class and cannot wait to attend the next one.

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